Be Accountable for Your Weight

Be Accountable for Your Weight

Be Accountable for Your Weight and Lose Your Fat. Taking action together with taking responsibility is accountability and taking responsibility to start losing weight by changing your eating habits. We must ask ourselves, how we arrived at this point in our lives, and this is a great place to start. Treating this journey to lose weight and drastically making changes to our lives is like a business venture.

Like in any business venture you always start by making a marketing plan. What are the first steps we must do to launch this lifestyle change? A great way is to ask our self how we got to this situation, and recognizing the reasons that caused us to abuse our self with food.

Our self-mistreatment with food indicates that we are most likely mistreating ourselves by staying in a job we hate, or a toxic relationship we would like to get out of. But since we don’t see our happiness as a valid priority, due to our low self-esteem and self-value we stay stuck in jobs and marriages that we should have ditched a long time ago.

Think about your situation realistically and how you can be accountable for your weight.  Are you in an irreparable relationship or job situation that you would like to get out of? Do you know and feel you cannot repair the problem relationship for many reasons, and you need to find solutions and the courage to move ahead. This is accountability if you know you are in a bad situation, having the courage and the drive to make your changes is what makes the difference being an active person and a passive one.

Separate this day as a momentous day and declare it as an official day of change. What happened yesterday and the day before is not going to happen today, tomorrow or ever. Mark it into your calendar and take this decision seriously. You may even have small failures along the way, but we are going to keep on moving forward with your goal, this is a momentous day.

Decisions are a liberating of all the emotional and practical reasons you stayed in your situation until today. Clarify and write down all the situations in your life you would like to change. Once you have your list write down all possible steps you can take to move forward with your decision. Write down what are the fears that are holding you back from your desire to change in each situation.

Define Ways To Get Started

Once you identify the source of the thought process that precedes the impulse of fear to make changes, you must learn to develop a counter-weapon to zap it away. Fear is good because it keeps us safe, but a lot of times fear prevents us from moving forward. Fear is rooted in our subconscious mind and has the ability to make us believe that possible situations are impossible. To counter our fears, we must tell our subconscious mind that it is possible, writing down practical solutions is a great way to soothe our subconscious mind into believing our conscious minds.

Remaining in stressful life situations, we maintain our bad eating habits, our subconscious minds have developed a disrespect for ourselves and cause us to reach for food as emotional comfort. Our association with food is no longer to simply feed ourselves for nutritional needs and to maintain our daily metabolic rates. We form behavior patterns that we developed over the years, associating to our daily situations emotionally, with repetitive actions that our brains develop associations too. They are mainly connected with food or smoking. For example, we may associate sitting on the sofa with potato chips, ice cream and a pack of cigarettes.

Learning to disassociate and undo the dependency of food in situations that we have been succumbing to until now. This is a big job, weaning yourselves off slowly and you will see how you will overcome it sooner than you think.

Stop reaching for food when you are hurt emotionally.

Confusing food for love is like confusing sex for love. When we binge eat food because we are hurting, it is simply to compensate our self for love or to calm our unhappy frustrations.

If you find yourself doing this, find out why now!!! Write down what is triggering this behavior and keep asking yourselves discovery questions, until you have pinpointed the exact reason. This is a powerful tool, and you may have to question yourself several times until you have the answer that deep down you know is the true answer.

For example, it could be your job, think well and make a list of the pros and cons of your job. Question yourself intensively to see if and where you need to make changes. If your job is causing your health and emotional well being to deteriorate, then consider other what your options are. If you think well and outside the box, you will find other work solutions more suitable for you.

I don’t believe that you should suffer in your job at all costs, I myself have left jobs by picking up my bag and leaving. Being allowing yourself to be mistreated by an employer is worse when you agree to live with that situation. It is a myth when they say jobs are hard to find, we are brainwashed into staying in these jobs. Our bosses earn well at our expense.

Remember that one you have made the decision to leave, you can do this at your convenience. You should not leave one job before finding another job, you don’t want to add to your stress. Keep your eyes open for other jobs and then leave after you find something secure to replace it. The power within you, you must trust yourself and make your own judgment.

Toxic Situations Will Negatively Affect You

Bad, toxic, negative, draining or abusive relationships destroy your digestive system and your body’s hormonal balance. A negative relationship can tear you apart, destroy your self-confidence and raise your stress levels.

Human beings are supposed to eat normally and not get fat. In all the abundance of the food available to us, it should be for healthy living and not for abuse. Food is for enjoyment as well as for refueling, our bodies know how to function and maintain a balanced weight.

Overeating is not a new phenomenon, if you check history you will find many famous kings and leaders are guilty of gluttony. Today’s overeating is definitely related to self-hatred because we sabotage of our bodies in this process.

When you abuse yourself with eating unhealthy foods, you are abandoning your control and giving it to the situation or person that triggered your decision to eat.

Taking control of your decisions of when and how to eat is a huge and impressive step. Accomplishing this step is already winning the most difficult stage of your battle.

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