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Esther Lehman Biography Media – Esther Lehman lives in Israel, in Maale Adumim which is a town just outside Jerusalem, Israel. She is a personal trainer and a holistic, nutritionist, and aromatherapist.

She studied exercise physiology at the Wingate Institute for physical education and sports in Israel, and studied naturopathy at the Bina Academy, Jerusalem, Israel,

Esther is a black belt 4th Dan in Krav Maga. She teaches a wide range of exercise and fitness classes such as Pilates, body sculpting, aerobics, aqua, Krav Maga, and more for over 25 years.

How she helps

Esther loves to help her clients in as many aspects as possible, giving an all-round service. Esther feels it is important to keep learning and educating herself in the health and fitness field so she can guide her clients to the right professional when it is outside her expertise. She is also a massage therapist and reiki master. She believes that the body is a mirror of its own thoughts. Thinking positively, with kindness and self-respect, gives you the best opportunity to allow positive changes to occur in your life which affects your general health and wellbeing.

The first purpose of writing her books is to connect body and soul to reveal how trees, plants, and flowers living among us today are linked to the Old Testament. I find it fascinating to see how our daily lives today are parallel to those in biblical days. It is beautiful and therapeutic to have this unique connection with the Bible in our daily lives.

Another reason for writing this book is to help people achieve their goals and change their life through the eyes of the Bible. Ultimately, the force of the changes must be generated from within you, but nature is surrounding us to make it is easier for us to combat the difficulties and continue the journey to success.

Becoming an Author

Esther Lehman has written two books about nutrition and exercise: Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible, Your Nutrition Workbook and Lose Fat by Reducing Stress.

She sells her books on Amazon and has already sold over 10,000 copies, and she has received many positive feedbacks for them. We focus on nutrition, weight loss, and self-help to motivate clients to achieve their goals.

Esther believes that our body is the mirror of all our thoughts. Thinking positively about ourselves, being kind and respectful towards ourselves and others, gives us a great opportunity to allow positive changes to occur in our general health and well-being.

The purpose of this book to help people achieve their goals and change their life. Lose Fat by Reducing Stress and Your Nutrition Workbook, are books targeted at people who are having a hard time with weight management and self-image.

My books provide them with all the secrets and real methods for achieving their goals. It is very motivational, as well as emotionally supportive. I really believe that this book is a “must-have” in all homes.

Other Accomplishments

She also brought out a line of exercise clothes called PsycoFit which she designed with her daughter Hadassah Cohen and a close friend called Rozit Tamir. The clothes are sold directly to clients and online via her website:

Her anointing oils which are also sold on Amazon, you can learn more about them at, her passion for aromatherapy and health prompted her to recreate the authentic biblical anointing oil and oil of gladness, using natural organic oils.

All Esther’s websites are created by her, she designs and hosts her own websites and for other people. Because of her writing skills, she has been sought after by many companies to provide the content for their websites.

She has even received a press card by a news reporting website to write news articles about Israel.


Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

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Nutrition Essentials Workbook

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Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible

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Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible  The Bible is the most read book in the world and it still fascinates readers with new and current information till today. Everything we see around us is connected to the Bible and in the cycle of life, the biblical times is not so far back.

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10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

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