Plan Your Own Weight-Loss Diet

Plan Your Own Weight Loss Diet

Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to lose weight?

Go through this workbook, learn about BMI, Calories, and Nutrition, and more… Write and record your progress using the worksheets. You will learn methods that are much simpler than you think to implement, together with commitment and determination, you will succeed. Many times, we fear exactly the things we crave for; our minds form a mental barrier which we must break through and focus on our goal.

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We must focus on our reasons and decisions for losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, the force of the changes must be generated from within you, it is easy to give up and difficult to continue the journey to success. With success comes many failures, every successful person you know can confirm this fact. This book is goal orientated, it gives you the tools to take charge and be in control of your nutrition and life plans. I have provided many worksheets to motivate and promote action. This will make it easier for you to see changes happening.

As we know too much fat besides being unattractive, is not healthy and causes a lot of problems. Being too fat causes clogged arteries, heart disease, and high risk for heart attacks and diabetes.  It is so important for us to regulate our cortisol levels by controlling our behavior patterns towards food and get into a healthy lifestyle as part of our daily routine.  ‎

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Our weight is determined by the rate at which we store energy from the food that we eat, ‎and the rate at which we use that energy. Our body breaks down fat as we lose weight, but we cannot reduce the ‎number of fat cells we have. We will always have the same number of fat cells we were born with. As we lose weight, each fat cell gets smaller and as we gain weight our fat cells expand.‎
Fat cells are our body’s emergency storage, they store the fuel for us just in case we need it later on to survive. If we didn’t have fat cells, we wouldn’t have survived the famines of the past. During the Holocaust, the people who survived were the ones who had a larger fat store. Fat cells are a sophisticated survival mechanism that is, unfortunately, getting all the wrong signals today. Our body was not designed for the constant intake of food, especially the processed junk food that contains preservatives and high levels of sugar.

Plan Your Own Weight-Loss Diet

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