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A great many people have heard of Rescue Remedy®, which is used by all sorts of people to cope with crises and everyday emergencies: Princess Anne and Elizabeth Hurley are two of its better-known users. But how many know about the 38 individual flower remedies that are part of the same system of medicine, a system unusual in that it is aimed at treating emotions rather than their physical manifestations?

Dr. Edward Bach, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH, was a well-known bacteriologist, pathologist, and homeopath whose career took him from University College Hospital to the London Homoeopathic Hospital and a successful Harley Street practice. His orthodox researches culminated in a series of oral vaccines that are still known as the seven Bach nosodes, but even though this work received great acclaim Bach himself was not satisfied. He wanted to replace the vaccines with plant material which he felt would be more effective. To this end, he began experimenting in 1928 with medicines made from flowers.

Bach had always been more interested in the people suffering disease than in the diseases themselves – a fact that made him unusual at that time. But his work with the flower remedies convinced him that true health could only be maintained by treating the individual personality instead of concentrating exclusively on the diseases of the body. He found that by selecting flower remedies according to the personality and emotional states of individuals, he was able to resolve these imbalances, and that well-balanced people got better physically because their bodies were quite literally free to heal themselves.

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