Krav Maga Workshops

Krav Maga Workshops

Krav Maga Workshops with Instructor: Esther Lehman, Black Belt 4th Dan – Krav Maga with over 25 years experience. Krav Maga Workshop will introduce you to the principles and simple techniques designed to really save lives using natural biomechanics and instincts. Based on the IKI Israeli Krav International system, Esther is Assistant to Moshe Katz Founder of IKI.



Is to learn about awareness and avoidance of dangerous situations and how to assess and deal with threats to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Using your natural abilities and reflexes we train you to develop lifesaving instincts. We teach you how to use your fear combined with specially designed techniques that are simple to apply and learn.


Step by step starting from the basics you will learn the IKI concept developed by Moshe Katz founder and CEO of IKI. You will learn defense against knife attacks, gun threats, and street Combatives. We are constantly up to date on current threats from all around the world and of course Israel.


Is for me to teach you real solutions, I take complete responsibly for my techniques and trust our IKI concept and techniques. When you are going about your daily life I want to know that I have given you the tools to save your life. No illusions only reality…

Project Outline

Because of the current terror attacks here in Israel, I am opening up this emergency 12-week course that will teach you how to defend yourself against the current trend of terror attacks that we are seeing now. A systematic teaching system with we base on our concept and basics.

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