Nutrition to Kill Cancer Cells

Nutrition to kill cancer cells

Using Nutrition to kill Cancer cells, is essential because they thrive on all forms of sugars, unhealthy fats, and hormones, this nutrition plan kills and even suffocates them, stopping to consume sugars in any form starves cancer cell. Always remember Cancer cells crave sugars…

Cut out ALL animal products, this is so important. Animals are pumped with hormones and live with very high levels of stress when eating them, they become part of our DNA

What About Fruits?

Famous question, the answer is, don’t eat fruits right now, EXCEPT for green apples and green grapes.

Look into medical marijuana, see if your doctor will provide you with it, if not come to Israel and get some here, certain practitioners are allowed to administer it…

Eat a diet of bland foods such as white rice with almost no seasoning.

Eat a diet rich in ALL forms of vegetables or every color, even the sweeter ones such as sweet potatoes and carrots have beta carotene and vitamin A which kills cancer.

Do a body cleanse with vegetable juices 3 times a day, blend 50% purified water with 50% juice.







Shitake Mushrooms

And many more




Hot paprika

Supplements that help:

Turmeric Pills

Antioxidants, berry teas are good

Sage tea (Sheba)

Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon Grass ground

B17 (Apricot Pitts)

Medical Marijuana

Essential Oils:

Olive Oil

Chia Seeds


Brazil Nuts


Hemp Oil


3 Lemon Drops on tongue per day

Meditation, Relaxation & Affirmations:

Go on youtube, there are plenty of great videos. Listen with headphones.

Make a pact with G-d, think of something you will promise to do for the rest of your life…

Blessings, Stay Healthy

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