Smart Nutrition Planning


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The best and most effective way to lose weight from your body fat storage and not from your precious muscle mass is smart nutrition planning which is part of a triangle combination consisting of Nutrition, Muscle Mass Building. Carbohydrate’s main role in the animal body and in plants is to provide energy. It is the only source of energy used by the nervous system and red blood cells. The energy is received from the glucose breakdown and used for many activities such as muscle activation and maintaining body temperature. Carbohydrates are also involved in building nucleon acids that are made up of DNA. Another role is the conservation of energy from protein sources and anti-Ketogenic activity. From oxidation of one gram of carbon, the body produces 4 kilocalories. An adult male has 300 grams of glycogen, one-quarter of this amount is found in the liver and muscles, 10 grams are in the blood. This amount provides for half a day of normal activity. Glycogen stored in the liver and muscles are the main source used for glycogen between meals, including at night and also in a situation when exercise is limited.

Register for this 6 part of Smart Nutrition Planning which includes:

  • a specifically designed nutrition plan for you.
  • downloadable worksheets to track your progress.
  • calorie counter cheat sheets to make it easy for you to calculate how much food you are eating.
  • email correspondence to maintain your motivation.