Setting Yourself Up for Success

Structuring and Planning Your Success

When you have a plan, you are Setting Yourself Up for Success, your body is calm and relaxed because you know when and what your next meal is going to be, this is the best part of your weight loss process. It is never a good idea to allow our body to feel hunger pangs. Meal planning starting with breakfast is very important for our digestion to ensure that we eat regularly not go for long periods of time without eating. Replenishing our bodies regularly will also lessen our craving for junk foods.

Take responsibility for what you eat, learn about essential fats for example, which our bones crave and need to survive. Eat a variety of nuts, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, avocados and of course Brazil nuts, which are a fantastic source of selenium, so be sure to eat healthy oils. Just remember we don’t need to eat these in large quantities, a handful a day is all you need.

Successful Meal Planning

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential nutrients for our health also. Omega-3 ALA alpha-linolenic acid can be found in many vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

Our meal structure should consist of 3 main meals of between 350-450 calories depending on our gender and size, and 3 small meals of around 150-250 calories. Our body needs healthy food regularly, no matter how fat we feel if we want to maintain a weight loss process. We must get our bodies in a routine as quickly as possible, this is the only way to get back on track and start losing weight.

There are foods that we must never eat under any circumstances. The food we eat is the food our bodies will use to rebuild our cells, eating low quality processed food is what it will use. Number one poisonous killer is margarine, any margarine, not a single margarine on the supermarket shelves are an option – don’t touch them. Alternatives are for example are real butter, olive oil and coconut oil which you can cook and bake with.

Eating the wrong foods has been made too easy for us by the large food chain companies, making it more convenient for us to buy rather than cook. Never eat manufactured foods that come in a can, hydrogenated snacks, fast foods, and baked goods all bought and mass-produced using chemicals, preservatives, and corn oil.

Sugars overload our pancreas by keeping our levels of insulin very high, preventing us from losing weight. A great way to stabilize our craving for sugars and sweets is to go bland. This teaches our taste buds to be able to rediscover and enjoy the taste of natural foods all over again.

The advantage of eating natural food

The biggest advantage of eating natural foods is that we will look and feel so much better when our addiction to sugar weakens. Resisting the urge to eat junk food and processed food will ease off and we can reset ourselves back to eating normally.

The food industry which is a big weakness in our society is always tempting us to buy and make money off our health. When we eat Junk food, this makes it very difficult for our bodies to digest, and it gives our body’s metabolism a hard time to detox. We crave sugar and monosodium glutamate and all the other addictive preservatives that processed foods contain. We have become so unaccustomed to eating vegetables that we really don’t like them anymore.

Sugar or Sucrose otherwise called “white killer”. It is white and brown processed sugar that comes from sugar cane or sugar beet. White sugar is bleached and is distilled from coal. The fluid secreted from the sugar is the molasses which are liquid rich in iron. Having too much sugar circulating in your bloodstream is extremely toxic and puts us at a high risk of getting diabetes. Our bodies converts and stores excess sugar as fat, so if the only thing you do is cut out sugar you will lose weight almost immediately.

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