Soybean Truths

Soybean Truths

Some Soybean truths, did you know? Soybean was used in China as early as the eleventh century BC. It is cultivated in hundreds of languages and began to wander across Asia to Japan, Korea, and its surroundings. For more than a thousand years in China, and a thousand years in Japan, soybeans were used as the main source of protein. These countries were constantly dealing with the excess supply of soybean and have been able to provide 33% more ” effective protein “. Soy undoubtedly played a central role in Eastern Asian food composition.

Soybeans do not need large amounts of water and are considered to have the lowest water consumption in relation to their nutritional value. Soybean began in the Far East due to their ability to grow easily in different soil and under different climates.

Soybean grows in several colors: black, yellow, brown, blue. Soybeans mature encased in a hard shell, resistant to water. Soy has actually the highest quality protein than any other crop this is why it is used to substitute Animal protein. It contains all the essential amino acids available for absorption in our digestive system. Soy contains no cholesterol and little to no saturated fats, Soybean contains a considerable amount of lecithin, which is an essential element for cleaning the circulatory system. It helps to balance our cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis. Lecithin is important for better digestion of fats, it has a strong impact in preventing diseases such as cancer and high-level cholesterol.

Soy sauce gets its special flavors through fermentation for a prolonged period of approximately 6 months. It may be used as a seasoning; it is not only tasty but also healthy.

Tampa Protein is an Indonesian recipe based on boiled soybeans condensed together and goes through a biological process using a Special bacteria making it one of the richest plant source of vitamin B12 today.

Tofu is a bean curd which is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Tofu is able to absorb flavors of any dish and compliments almost any meal successfully. Tofu is easy to cook, bake or fry and very much resembles cheese. It is a good source of calcium for people who don’t eat or drink any dairy products.

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