Women’s Krav

Women's Krav

In the light of the current events here in Israel, women’s Krav is crucial, and it is even more important to teach techniques that have a high chance of working especially under stress. Women’s Krav Maga Abilities have never been taken seriously or even thought necessary to teach, our IKI system will teach you with full reality because we do not feed you illusions. I have confidence in our techniques, it is important for me that women use responsible and reliable techniques. I want to save lives and not endanger people with impossibly complex techniques that involve strength and acrobatics. I teach Krav Maga, and because I really care about you, I want to make sure that you learn to really defend yourself.

Our Krav Maga techniques involve defense against knives and guns, sticks, axes, rifles or any harmful and dangerous weapon in every possible scenario. When you learn our techniques and practice them under my supervision over and over again, I teach your body to develop new life-saving instincts. With practice, your reaction time sharpens and you also develop confidence in your ability to protect yourself and their loved ones. Once you learn our concept, and you practice regularly, your ability and efficiency in performing our techniques with skill, agility, and swiftness greatly improve.


I think that krav maga is an amazing tool to empower and teach women to understand that they are not helpless or powerless. Unfortunately, when a person is attacked, those first seconds they only have themselves. What we do in those first seconds of the attack is crucial, our first instinctual defense is what will determine the outcome of this attack…. until help arrives.

All these techniques are IKI krav maga techniques. It is a unique system developed by Moshe Katz, Founder, and CEO of IKI. We ensure that our techniques are user-friendly, we specifically develop and design techniques that women can actually do.

Personal Training in Krav Maga is an Intensive Training System focusing to improve your krav maga skills. Learn to protect yourself with our specifically designed krav maga techniques.

Personal training in Krav Maga is a great way to greatly improve your Krav Maga skills with an experienced IKI Instructor. Working one on one intensively on each and every IKI technique. You will learn to understand our techniques and manipulate them using instincts. We have developed a complete Intensive Krav Maga System will Improve your reaction, timing, and skill.

Learn in a safe environment but be prepared to be pushed to your limit and beyond

Esther Lehman, Black Belt 4th Dan – Krav Maga with over 25 years’ experience. Krav Maga Workshop will introduce you to the principles and simple techniques designed to really save lives using natural biomechanics and instincts. Based on IKI Israeli Krav International system, Esther is Assistant to Moshe Katz Founder or IKI.

This training system will be challenging you and taking you out of your comfort zone – personal training in Krav Maga forces you to develop and improve your krav maga instincts. You are your trainers ONLY focus, your abilities and strengths will be developed and sharpened beyond recognition.

We train mainly for 4-6 hour sessions per day for 3-5 days, one on one.

And for Sure – Training will be intensive and FUN!

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